Instructions for use Adamour

Instructions for using Adamour

The capsules should be taken according to the instructions: one piece a day before meals. On the advice of a doctor in Romania, the dosage can be increased up to twice a day.

How do I use?

Instructions for use of Adamour capsules

Take a capsule with some water or other liquid. The herbal preparation can be taken with a little alcohol, as well as just before sexual intercourse.

One course of the drug, which increases potency very quickly, is designed for about 3 months. Long-term capsule intake allows you to normalize the production of male hormones. The positive effect lasts a long time after taking the course of the drug. Drops are also taken to prevent the development of prostatitis and prostate adenoma. Improper intake can lead to a defective result.


Natural remedies are quite popular and sought after. Dietary supplements contain only useful natural extracts and plant extracts. Adamour improves male potency and causes a lasting erection within 10 minutes of taking one capsule.

It is recommended to use the drug in the following disorders:

  • Decreased sexual desire for the opposite sex;
  • Short intercourse;
  • Premature ejaculation;
  • Frequent urges to use the toilet, especially at night;
  • Diseases of the prostate gland;
  • Prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system;

Doctors often prescribe Adamour to their patients. All minor deviations associated with decreased libido are quickly normalized.


This natural medicine to increase potency is made only from herbal ingredients, so there are no contraindications for use. The ban can only be an individual intolerance to one of the constituent components. Overdose can cause insomnia, upset stomach or increased heart rate.

For older men over the age of 60, it is best to consult a healthcare professional before using capsules. The drug should be taken with caution by persons with chronic and acute forms of the cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems.